Asterix David Westphal is an entertainment lawyer (formerly of Sony Music, independent for several years now), business manager for musicians, teacher at the Pop Akademie, former music and youth culture journalist, music aficionado and collector, drummer, all around cool guy and most importantly (to me anyway) my big brother.

Luci and Asterix – 1976

Since he’s in Berlin and I’m in New York, we don’t get to see each other that often. (Lately though, the discovery of Skype has made it possible that we “see” each other a little more often.) One way through which we continue to bond is our love for music, which we inherited from our parents. I believe my brother is on a constant quest of trying to beat the size of our dad’s record collection. Good luck with that.

Luci and Asterix – 2007

We often recommend music to each other and I thought other people might enjoy Asterix’ recommendations as much as I do.

These are the three songs/videos he recommended to me this week:

“Sommernacht” by Montag:

“Sink or Swim” by Bad Lieutenant (project of New Order members):

“Die Nacht ist Jung” by Tele:

And for some silly fun here is a hip-hop version of Radiopilot’s current single “Immer Wenn Wir Träumen”:

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