Berlin Time Lapse – In A Berlin Minute (Week 171) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Now this is a truly fast Moving Postcard. For my last week in Berlin I
created a montage of time-lapse shots that I’ve collected over three
years for you.

This seemed especially appropriate because during that last week I had a party and a screening of all 1-minute videos at 8mm Bar in Berlin,
for which I tried to assemble all 170 videos. It was an exercise in
battling frame rates and codec formats (you don’t want to know) – but
also an opportunity to re-watch a lot of the videos and let me
rediscover some moments. Rather emotional, I’ll tell you.

There may just
be another compilation of shots with all my friends who’ve had cameos
in these videos.

In the end I streamed all the videos from Vimeo via a projector. Since it’s a web series, that was really the way to go.

as a result of the re-watching, I now have put together this
compilation for you. By the way, not all shots have been in other videos
already – but they’re all from In A Berlin Minute shoots. I wonder if
anyone can name them all… Maybe you can?

The song is called “The Strange Case of Doctor Chiaia” by Tans. It’s the second time I’ve used it. I need some new music!

just have one little bit of bad news. The sunset you see towards the
end is something I ended up shooting (a closer shot) this last week for
an entire 11 minutes until the sun was gone. I was going to post that
sped up on my LuciWest YouTube channel.
However, that footage must have not ended up on any of my 5 hard drives
that I just moved to the states with me but on one of the two back-up
drives I left behind. Maybe one day I can share it with you.

will be my last Berlin video for awhile. But not to worry, if you’ve
enjoyed seeing a 1-minute video from me every week – I will continue
posting videos from other places. And, maybe most importantly, you can
always re-watch, re-discover or explore for the first time 172 (one week
there were two) 1-minute videos and quite a few extended versions.
Maybe this compilation will inspire to go looking around my searchable
website Look for your favorite places or something you’ve never seen with your own eyes…

And know that I always appreciate reading what you think.

Thank you again and again to all who have been watching, sharing and encouraging me to keep this going.


One more sunset in Berlin

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