On New Year’s Eve, as we were looking into a new year and a new decade and all the goals we’d like to accomplish (and drinking along with Dinner for One and eating Berliner), motorcycle-racing friend Van Asher showed us “Die, Sweet Road Runner, Die” by Seth McFarlane, in which Wile E. Cayote finally accomplishes his life-long ambition and catches Road Runner. Up until now I was so busy pursuing all my goals, I hadn’t had time to post it. Now that I’m about to make some bigger leaps, it’s a good reminder: beware of when you finally reach your goal…

Another great little wisdom that comes to mind is about your ability (or lack thereof) to be creative when you have become accomplished and are free from the restrictions of your early days. At least that’s what I believe “Little Room” by The White Stripes to be about.

Good luck in fulfilling your own ambitions and then dreaming up new goals and desires.

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