For a bunch of years we’ve had a 4th of July BBQ in our backyard – this past year we captured it through time-lapse photography (thanks, Scott Colthorp for helping to make this happen).

Today, on the 4th of January – just in time to celebrate the half-way point to the next 4th of July party (although for us it might be in a Berlin park, near the Baltic Sea) – here is now finally the video of the “4th of July 2009 in Baltic Park, Brooklyn” with some of our favorite up-beat 2009 songs.

The moments, unfortunately missing in the video (due to the camera not being on) are the early afternoon visitors with children and the guys creating a time-lapse clock with body parts (…?) and Scott and I waving at the camera to say good night. Also un-captured remain the dance floor action indoors and the viewing of the fireworks from the roof (although you can detect the moment when everyone has returned from the roof and suddenly fills the yard again).
Thanks to all the willing participants for celebrating with us last year and all the years before (and hopefully not minding when we share your private backyard party self to the world). Looking forward to many more wonderful, celebratory times with you, whenever, wherever!
Happy 4th of January, everyone!

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  1. oh gosh, that was so fun!! (esp since i'm sitting here is gray ohio in our like, 8th day of snowfall and gray skies!!)
    i love how so many people are wearing dresses!

  2. Glad you liked it. We thought sharing it on January 4th would be a nice reminder that summer will return. Of course, you're headed to California next! Lucky you. At least NYC has the sunshine – but it's very cold. Did you recognize your ol' pal F. Scott in the video?

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