The town Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is the perfect quick beach getaway from
the Western USA. Less than a 3-hour flight from the Denver airport, Los Cabos (the towns José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas) at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula
has become our favorite quick escape from the Colorado winter. You get
up in the morning in the freezing cold, and by mid-day you’re sitting on
the beach overlooking the Sea of Cortez, sipping on a Miami Vice
(strawberry daiquiri + piña colada) in nothing but a bathing suit.

Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) – In Another Minute (Week 307)

So when Scott and I tried to find a place where he could go fishing
on his birthday during the first week of March, Cabo San Lucas with its
marina and lots of sport fishing options was the natural choice. But
there’s a lot more to do than just fishing. Some of the highlights
included in this video:

Watching the sunrise over the Sea of
Cortez on Medano Beach and then the sunset over the Pacific on the other
side of Lands End all in one day.

Visiting Lands End, the very
tip of Baja California, with El Arco (The Arch), Lovers Beach and
Divorce Beach (watch out for undercurrent and crashing waves), which you
can only reach by boat, preferably a glass bottom water taxi.

enchanted by all the animals: sea lions, pelicans, frigate birds,
flamingos and turtles (at the Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Hotel). We even
got to see a humongous sea turtle climb up on the beach and lay eggs
right next to us! And of course, there is whale-watching!!! Oh, and
eating “the original ceviche” made with the Spanish mackerel Scott had
pulled out of the sea just hours earlier.

Besides jet skis, paddle boards, parasailing and plain swimming, Medano Beach activities include the latest craze: flyboard.

the way, Scott is the person in the front of the Poseidon boat pulling
into the marina. Being a Pisces, he had booked the birthday fishing trip
with Pisces Sportfishing.

There are plenty of places to eat and drink, besides the hotel bars and restaurants, for example The Sand Bar and The Office on Medano Beach and a multitude of spots around and near the Cabo San Lucas marina, for example The Nowhere Bar. Though nothing beats an El Pastor taco from a small street taco place!

I thought the sunset makes a nice closure for the video, I decided to
leave out any of the nighttime activities – but there are plenty. The
lively nighttime and clubbing scene actually is a main difference
between Cabo San Lucas and the more laid-back José del Cabo.

is so much that I couldn’t include in this video that I’m determined to
publish a longer version. But then again, I keep saying that about many
of my 1-minute videos… But I will definitely release a few more
1-minute videos from Cabo with more focused themes: whale-watching, Cabo
wildlife, Lands End + Lovers Beach.

Other videos from Cabo:
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The music featured is “As I Figure” by Kevin MacLeod,
who is making tracks available for free through a Creative Commons
License. He’s very well known to the online video community for all the
great and diverse music he offers for use in videos. For a good while
now, I’ve stayed away from his compositions because there were some
YouTube copyright issues. I’m so happy to know that they have been
resolved so we can enjoy, utilize and share his music freely once again.
Thank you so much, Kevin!

In closing, I would like to thank the staff of the Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Blanco Resort,
especially Nazarely in reception and waiter Raul and the chef at the
hotel’s Cilantro Restaurant. Chatting in German upon arrival was
fabulous. Getting Scott’s Spanish mackerel prepared and served to us at
the outdoor beach restaurant was an even bigger highlight than watching
whales out in the Pacific. Other perks included the view of Lands End
from our balcony, tacos and cocktails delivered to the beach, and bars
and most restaurants at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and Pueblo Bonito Rosé
(next to Blanco) being part of the all-inclusive package, which made
our last-morning-before-heading-home tradition possible: Mexican
breakfast pastries and mimosas on the beach. Ahhh, I can’t wait for the
next trip…

El Arco – Land’s End
Cabo San Lucas – Mexico

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