Ciao Kreuzberg – In A Berlin Minute (Week 14) [HD] from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

This week we said Ciao to Kreuzberg – for now anyway.

After two great months in the former West Berlin neighborhood Kreuzberg and the previous month in the adjacent Kreuzkölln (really Neukölln, but I’m down with the hipster names – even if my old-school friends sneer at those monikers), Scott and I moved to the former East Berlin neighborhood Mitte for another 3 months. I can’t say much about Mitte yet except that it’s truly right in the middle of Berlin.

This video celebrates Kreuzberg one more time – and introduces a fantastic musical discovery: When asking my local friends for a Kreuzberg or Berlin song, Ralf Zwiebel (guitarist of Radiopilot) pulled out this amazing gem: “Berlin – New York”. If only my show was longer, I’d totally want this as my theme song. As it is, I can’t even fit the whole song into my 1-minute video.

So far the song hasn’t been released yet. So I feel very fortunate to be able to premiere an excerpt of it as part of my video. But I’m sure if you leave some comments here, we can convince the powers that be to release it somewhere in its entirety.

Oranienstrasse – Kreuzberg, Berlin

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