Devil’s Backbone – In A Colorado Minute (Week 267)

Devil’s Backbone is a very impressive long stretch of rock walls and
towers near Loveland in Larimer County, Colorado. The 2,198-acre Devil’s Backbone Open Space
with its 12 miles of trails is free to enter and open from dusk to
dawn. Exploring these rock formations and peeking through the photogenic
Keyhole had been on my hiking and filming list for quite a while. This
week, Scott, Whiskey and I braved the heat and blazing sun and
discovered a new favorite place in nature.

The contrast between
sweeping green valleys dotted with wildflowers, the rock walls and the
snow-covered Rocky Mountains create an incredible vista. Other
highlights include the ravens (at least we were told they were ravens)
and finally making it to the Keyhole (big opening in a rock wall), which
rewarded us with shade and a nice breeze (notice Whiskey sticking her
face into the wind).

By the way, all but one are actual video shots; those clouds were moving very slowly. 

The song in this video is called “Marathon Man” and was written and performed by Jason Shaw, who made this song available via the CC BY 3.0 license. Thank you, Jason, for all your wonderful! For the record, I sped this song up a tiny bit.

Devil’s Backbone
Larimer County, Colorado

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