There are so many videos and webseries that come my way on YouTube, it’s impossible to keep up. But the ones I always watch are the experimental, fun (sometimes funny, sometimes serious) and out-there music videos by DJTerrorBerlin aka Lutze (von umme Ecke) in Berlin.
Lutze is a multi-talented artist: a former Berlin DJ who continues to make some of his own electronic music, but mostly makes videos with music by others, including friends and YouTubers.
The first video I saw by him, and still his most popular is the simple classic “Bum Bum Musik”
He’s often assisted by his wife and his friend KongzombieBerlin who will don masks and costumes and always a great “who cares” attitude. You can tell how much fun they’re having. And then there are the interesting Berlin-area locations: “Analog vs Digital”
Other videos are focused on more serious subjects, like “Hellmarch”
Lutze is also a man of many quotes and leaving nice comments for other video makers, which I really appreciate. Oh, he’s also a gifted visual artist. Last but not least he has an amazing collection of exotic animals and plants and stuff, as he’s shown in one of his more personal videos: “my home is my castle”:
In one of his most recent, and one of my favorite videos he shares about his experience of having a stroke. A very moving and inspiring video that brings the experience close to the viewer: “Schlaganfall Stroke”
He keeps making new videos, so please check out Lutze’s YouTube channel: and subscribe and leave him a nice comment.

On a more personal note, I was very disappointed that I missed the Berlin YouTuber get-together that RixdorferWurstmusik organized while I was in Portugal – because I would have loved to meet all those guys. However then I might have had to dance for the DJTerrorBerlin – Carrera video. Next time…

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