This is your chance to actively participate in making my next documentary – and I don’t mean by donating money! In two days, production of the on-going documentary All’s Well and Fair will begin again!

I first started this video project in 1996, not realizing I would film for it again every 10 years; in 2006 and now in 2016.

The documentary juxtaposes the lives and ideals of 3 single punk rock
moms and their children during the 1990s with their realities and
opinions in 2006 and soon in 2016. The project gives a unique perspective on alternative
culture, growth, identity and the influence of mothers.

The 1996 version was a
short documentary. The 2006 version was released as an interactive web
series in 19 episodes available for free on YouTube and as a stand-alone 90-minute film on DVD available for purchase via amazon. What will the 2016 version be…?

Tina, Margaret and Rachel starring in All’s Well and Fair

You can probably imagine how excited I am to check in with the mothers Rachel, Tina and Margaret and all of their children. What makes this session especially exciting is that the three children who were featured in the 1996 version, when the mothers were in their 20s, by now are in their 20s themselves. Now we really get to see how far (or close!) the apple fell from the tree – and what influence our changing world has had on Tessa, Jefferson and Tempra, especially.

When the 2006 version was released, the idea was to make it interactive – by getting the audience to talk back and get involved in discussions of the topics covered with mothers and their children. This time, before we even turn on the camera, I really want to hear from YOU.

What would YOU like to ask Margaret, Tina, Rachel, and their children? 

To remind you of who they are and what they said in 1996 and 2006, I encourage you to watch the free episodes on YouTube or the All’s Well and Fair website. You don’t have to watch all of them or watch them in any particular order – just pick what interests you.

And you don’t have to watch anything at all. I can think of a few questions I would have (and do have) for people who have participated in an on-going documentary project like this just in general.

All’s Well and Fair (2006 version)

Please leave your questions as a comment on this blog post, on social media or directly on the episodes.


Just a quick reminder of who is who: 

Rachel (mother – now 40-ish)
Tessa (daughter – 27)
Cecil (son – 17)

Tina (mother – 40-ish)
Jefferson (son 25)

Margaret (mother – 40ish)
Tempra (daughter – 23)
Laksmi (daughter – 15)
Remi (daughter – 7) <– spoiler alert, she’s a new addition to the film

And yes, you can ask questions for the fathers as well. Maybe I get to film them this year as well…

Please don’t be shy to ask away. No guarantee, of course, that the questions and answers will end up in the final film. I don’t have to say that we don’t care to see any inappropriate questions, right? Right!

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