Fort Collins is a college town in Northern Colorado that gets mentioned
on many Best Cities in the US lists. It’s also the town where I
currently live.

Fort Collins – In A Colorado Minute (Week 318)

Fort Collins in Larimer County is perfectly situated along the Cache la Poudre River, between the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the Pawnee Grassland of the Great Plains. It’s only 65 miles north of Colorado state capital Denver and about 35 miles south of Wyoming.

town started as a military outpost of the US Army in 1864. Since then
it has grown to 56 square miles and a population of about 150,000. Fort
Collins sits 5,003 feet (1,525 meters) above sea level – but has enough
river banks, lakes and the magnificent Horsetooth Reservoir for you not
to miss the actual sea (too much).

Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University (CSU) and about 20 breweries; most notably New Belgium, Odell and (I suppose) Anheuser-Busch Brewing.

are many perks to living in Fort Collins – and I tried to squeeze most
of my favorites into this 1-minute video – plus CSU football 😉

In order of appearance:

Rocky Mountains (featuring Longs Peak)

Historic homes with porches on tree-lined streets

Historic Old Town (downtown), after which Disney’s Main Street was modeled

Pianos About Town

Concert venues (e.g., Aggie Theatre) and lots of bars (e.g., The Whiskey and my favorite: Surfside 7)

Micro-breweries (e.g., New Belgium Brewing)

Holiday Twin Drive-In movie theater

Colorado State University (shown is Hughes Stadium of the Colorado Rams football team)

Wildlife all around (e.g., deer)

Cache la Poudre River and…

… the 5 major bike trails
that are off the main roads and let you escape into nature while
actually crossing town (e.g., the bridge seen in the video is part of
the Poudre Trail)

Lots of lakes and ponds (e.g. Arapaho Bend Ponds)

Horsetooth Mountain (although I prefer Arthur’s Rock when it comes to hiking)

Horsetooth Reservoir!!!

moving to Colorado in 2013, I have shot a lot of 1-minute videos about
individual places and events in and around Fort Collins. You can see a
list of them HERE.

been long overdue for me to make a single video giving an overview of
this charming town. This week seemed like the right choice because it’s
the first video I got to shoot with my new Panasonic GH4 camera. Most of
the footage was shot on 4k (Yay!) but down-converted to 1080 for
upload. I’m still learning the camera, which explains the somewhat awful
shot of the deer – since I accidentally shot that in 1080 and then
played around with the digital zoom. But I couldn’t not put it in. He’s
looking right into the camera!

Fort Collins on a few best city lists:

Best Beer Town – USA Today

Best Places To Live –

America’s Top Cities for Bike Commuting: Happier, Too – The Atlantic

Not enough lists? Check out the truly ridiculously long list of Honors and Awards won by Fort Collins on the city’s website.

I have a few gripes with Fort Collins – but there’s no need to publish
that list right here. I’ll be happy to share the negative aspects of
this place with you over a delicious New Belgium Blue Paddle or Slow
Ride next time we meet.

The song in the video is “Redwood Trail” by Jason Shaw of Audionautix. He has made this and many great tunes available via a CC BY 3.0 license. Thank you again and again, Jason!

Historic Linden Hotel in Old Town
Fort Collins, Colorado

In the next few days, I’ll upload more photos to my personal blog and the In A Colorado Minute 2016 Flickr album.

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