It’s not a secret that dogs love snow – and Whiskey Dog is certainly not
the only dog catching snow. But maybe, just maybe she’s the one dog
that loves catching snow the most.

Dog Catching Snow (Whiskey Business 4) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 299)

Since the first snowfall of the season at the end of November, we’ve
pretty much spent every free and sunny daylight minute (if I wasn’t
traveling elsewhere) out in the snow. So this weekly video represents
many memorable times out in the winter wonderland.

Our dog Whiskey
definitely loves the snow a lot more than I do – but watching her
relentlessly run and jump to catch snow, is definitely the cure for a
bit of winter blues. I hope her antics will put a smile on your face as

The song in this video is called “Showtime!” and was written and performed by my friend Jason Matherne from Gainesville, Florida. Thank you so much for all your music and your support of this video series!

A special thank you to Scott for kicking, throwing and tossing snow for the video and our snow-catching dog.

This is the fourth episode of Whiskey Business.
Let me know if you enjoy these little interludes in-between the more
traditional travel-focused episodes about locations and events.

Dog catching snow

Snow-catching dog

Whiskey dog waiting for the next snowball

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