This 1-minute video is only intended to give a quick impression of the East Side Gallery – an outdoor gallery of 105 official images painted on a 1.3 km section of the Berlin Wall in Friedrichshain.
If you want to look at an image for longer or read a slogan, just pause the video. Also I’ll be uploading more images to my Flickr page soon.

East Side Gallery (The Wall Art) – In A Berlin Minute (Week 95) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

The East Side Gallery was first created in 1990, shortly after the wall became open. Many of the pieces were restored in 2009 in time for the 20-year anniversary of the opening of the wall.
On the back side of the wall (facing the river Spree) graffiti artists have left their own unofficial mark.
As you can see from this video, I’m currently back in Berlin – but only
for a short spell. Among other things I’m here to spend time with my
family, mainly with my mother who is currently in Berlin as well and is
featured walking through this video.

The music featured is the song “Destiny” by Jason Matherne.

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