Elbe River Ships – Willkomm Höft (Germany) – In Another Minute (277)

Willkomm Höft
on the Elbe River in Wedel, Germany, is where the big ships are greeted
and bid farewell as they enter or exit the Hamburg Harbor. For large
ships, the restaurant Schulauer Fährhaus plays the ship’s national anthem over loudspeakers in addition to a spoken greeting.

week 275, when Scott and I visited my parents, we spent a lovely
evening watching the small and large vessels going up and down the river
and enjoyed dinner outdoors at the Elbe 1 restaurant, where the outstanding service was only surpassed by the river view.

not disturb this special evening too much, I just let the camera roll a
few times to catch bigger ships and the ferry with the intention to
share a simple time-lapse video with you later.

Now, I’m inspired
to shoot a time-lapse video of the actual Hamburg Harbor on my next
visit, hopefully later this year. After all, the Hamburger Hafen is one
of my favorite places on the planet.

On a random childhood memory
side-note: When I was a little kid, I believed that the strip of land
across the river was America. And I always wanted to get there one

The song in the video is called “Running Waters” by Jason Shaw. He has made this and many other lovely tunes available via a CC BY 3.0 license. Thank you so much, Jason!

Hamburg Süd ship on the Elbe River

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