Somewhere between HAM and JFK

Just when I had discovered the pleasures of an Emirates Airlines direct flight from New York’s JFK airport to Hamburg’s Fuhlsbuettel airport without any 6-hour layovers in Amsterdam or 13 hours in London (long story), Emirates Airlines announces that they’re going to cancel the flight again.

What? No!

How could I ever travel to Germany again without:

  • the harmonious color scheme of the plane’s interior
  • the sizable airbus
  • the modelesque multi-national crew
  • having two seats to myself (in the front row with enough legroom that strangers would come into my row to look out of the window!)
  • socks, toothbrush, eye patch etc. in a canvas bag like in the olden days of luxurious trans-Atlantic flights (you remember, pre-9/11)
  • 50 or more digital movies, TV shows, games on individual screens (ok, at least KLM and AirFrance offer that)
  • watching the entire flight unfold via a camera in the front of the plane and one beneath the plane viewed on your individual screen (What? you ask. I know!)
  • delicious Vegetarian meals (I would have ordered seconds if I had been able to finish all the food in the first place)
  • massage chairs as the standard seat in business class (or was it just 1st?)
  • paying $400 for a round trip
  • and last but not least: an 8 hour sunset as we were flying west

So please, Emirates Airlines, don’t go. I know there are rumors of Lufthansa taking over that flight. But the last time I flew with them we circled over JFK for an additional hour after a 9-hour flight and then were stuck on the ground inside the airplane for another 3 hours. On Valentine’s Day.

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  1. I really liked Emirates but I was flying east out of Hamburg of course and fortunately they continue this flight.

    Sadly there obviously is just not enough demand for a direct flight Hamburg to NY.

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