Yesterday Beth, the youngest of the five sisters, let me film her and her husband’s condo on the beach which is currently being totally renovated. I got some great footage of her home in total disarray – talk about transition time!

In the afternoon the sisters and I sat down for another group interview at Ann’s house. Just asking very few questions they opened up and gave me the most amazing insight into their experience with aging, with the concept of time and with their families. There was wisdom, tears and an incredible willingness to share.

I was very moved and consider this interview session to have been the most fruitful. I am so grateful to the sisters for having allowed me into their lives, thoughts and feelings. It’s such a great honor and I cannot wait to be able to share what I have seen and heard with others.

Thank you again and always, Iva, Thelma, Carolyn, Ann and Beth.

And of course, thank you to Ellie and Jim for their continued hospitality.

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