2019 1st quarter favorite songs
How is it May already? Easy: time keeps on ticking into the future. Sigh. Anyway, here’s my “mix tape” with my few favorite songs from January, February and March 2019.
2019 1st quarter favorite songs
Mix CD of favorite songs from first quarter of 2019 – featuring a photo of the Lunar Eclipse in January.

1. Now That You’re Gone / The Raconteurs
2. Dylan Thomas / Better Oblivion Community Center
3. The Rockaways / Conor Oberst
4. Old Bone / Wet
5. we fell in love in october / girl in red
6. Hurricanes / Dido
7. Images of Love / A.A. Bondy
8. New York / Ex:Re
9. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but i have it / Lana Del Rey
10. Didn’t Know What I Was in For / Better Oblivion Community Center
11. No One Changes / Conor Oberst
12. Skin Crawl / Alice Phoebe Lou
13. Harmony Hall / Vampire Weekend
14. Sunday Driver / The Raconteurs
15. Even in the Tremor / Lady Lamb
16. Thoughtless / Monica Martin
17. New House / Rex Orange County
18. Uproar [feat. Swizz Beatz] / Lil Wayne
19. Bullet With Butterfly Wings / Karen O

The mix still spans exactly one audio CD. And I’d give you one if you’d like. But you’d probably just want to listen to the 2019 – 1st 1/4 list on Spotify anyway, you streaming consumer, you.

You can also watch videos for the songs on my Pinterest Music board.

Since it’s already May… and if you’re wondering what I’m listening to these days, you can check out my Latest… But Greatest? playlist. Songs come and go on that playlist as I try them out.

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