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A playlist of my favorite new songs from the last quarter (October, November, December) of 2021. The mixtape art is to come.

For now it’s just the playlist, and it may get jostled around a bit more when I have time to fine-tune it for best flow.

Bunny Is A Rider – Caroline Polachek
Dirty Money – Ida Maria
Hertz – Amyl and The Sniffers
Raw Thoughts – Baby Queen
Maybe There’s A Way – K.Flay
breadwinner – Kacey Musgraves
Last Two Lovers – Bonaparte
What Then Cried Jo Soap – David Keenan
Los Bandoleros – Jhay Cortez
You Gave Me the Key – Julie Doiron
Prodigal Girl – Semler
Security – Amyl and The Sniffers
Port St. Lucie – 2021 – Matt Woods
Haven’t Been Doing So Well – Frank Turner
Somebody Desperate – From ”Cyrano” Soundtrack – The National
Horsie – Kate Nash
Five Feet Tall – Lady Blackbird
It’s Not That Easy – Lady Blackbird
Suicide is Murder – Aimee Mann
Time I Love To Waste – MAY-A
Misery – Kate Nash
Rainforest – Noname
MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nas X
4Runner – Rostam
Believer – Smerz
I am not a woman, I’m a god – Halsey
justified – Kacey Musgraves
Hold On Tight – A Place To Bury Strangers
Just For Love – Bully
Jugend ohne Gott gegen Faschismus – Tocotronic
Peter O’Toole’s Drinking Stories – David Keenan
I Do This All The Time – Self Esteem
New Romance – Beach House
Roaches In My Ashtray – Snoop Dogg
In Need of Repair – Band of Horses
Baby Don’t Cry – Sunflower Bean
Valentine – Snail Mail

Happiness Truck Route, music blog post, LuciWest
Bike or truck route to happiness or shops?

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