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The last few days at the Sarasota Film Festival have been amazing and whirlwind. I couldn’t be happier for the exposure our film and the story of the children of Mamou have received in the media. Of course, I’m also having a great time watching films, hanging out with friends, meeting new people and enjoying all the parties with their free drinks and food. I even squeezed in a day with friends in Tampa to go dancing and a day of relaxing on the beach and by the pool (yes, now I’m part of the sun burnt masses).

Here are a few pictures from the first few days I’ve taken. I hope I will soon get some of the pictures other people have taken to add here.

The press conference: Rich, Beverly, Howard, Irma, Faith

The sign outside our screening

me (bundle of nerves) and my dear and long-time friends Rob and John
the theater as we walked in – totally crazy
Scott and old filmmaking collaborator from Gainesville: Jason Matherne (before second screening)
Rob and Holly – our Tallahassee friends and Gainesville friends finally meet
Kris (mighty pregnant) and Karl (mighty protective?)
view of Dianne on screen from the back row (all our graphics and Super 8 worlds better than from the front)
the survivors watch footage John and Rich brought back from their recent trip to Mali:
Rich, Beverly, Dianne, Marilyn, David, John and Marilyn’s husband Sean (standing)
and finally Karaoke night: the KJ and programmer Tom Hall doing a bit of a duet
Tom seems so proud as he presents all the male filmmakers in the room to sing B52’s “Love Shack” – me and the other female filmmaker avoided the stage as long as we could until the name calling got to be too much – fortunately no pictures of that
Jason, Mark, Kurt, Justin, Scott, Tom, Bennie
Mark and Jason of They Turned Our Desert Into Fire, a doc about Dafur
Michael and Scott “drop it like it’s hot”. Michael had already impressed with the first dancefloor filler. But who knew Scott had it in him?
Michael, that football player and Tom totally free stylin’. Wow.

Anna singing about a big spender… Justin? I think his narrative feature Special People was great. So maybe he does have the funds (soon).
me, Rob and John driving up to Tampa for a day of vacationing and another highlight of one of the best times of my life

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