The International Documentary Association [ida] came through for us again:
All’s Well and Fair and Five Sisters have both been accepted for fiscal sponsorship! Yay! (Actually they accepted both projects about a month ago – unfortunately the packet mailed to me got lost along the way.)

In December I had blogged about writing the applications and posted the first few paragraphs from the proposals for All’s Well and Fair and Five Sisters.

A fiscal sponsor is a not-for profit organization with 503 (c) status which offers to accept donations on behalf of the artist and thus makes the donation tax-deductible. The sponsor retains a small percentage for their services (5% in the case of [ida]).

The tax-deductible (or not-for profit) status is required by most grant givers and of course highly appreciated by all donors.

So from now on, if you’d like to make a financial donation to either project you can write out the check to the International Documentary Association and put the name of the film in the memo field.

Then just mail the check to:
Good Hard Working People
P.O. Box 170077
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Shortly thereafter you will receive a receipt from [ida] to file with next year’s taxes.

Soon I will set up an account to take online donations as well. Just in case you’ve got a credit card burning a hole in your pocket… 🙂

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