Foothills – In A Colorado Minute (Week 165) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

This past week I traveled back to the US to spend time with Scott Solary
and Whiskey (the most adorable dog I’ve ever known) in beautiful
summertime Colorado. So far, I had only been here in winter and fall. So
it’s been amazing and almost overwhelming to see how much more
magnificent and gorgeous this part of the world is during the

This video was mostly shot in the foothills that skirt
the Rocky Mountains on the east side – more specifically around the Red
Feather Lakes area and the Horsetooth Reservoir in the vicinity of Ft. Collins in Northern Colorado.

being a water rat from the flat lands in Northern Germany, I’ve
totally fallen in love with the hills, the mountains still topped with
snow, the big vistas from above, the trees and plants that are surviving
on the dry soil and drastic rock face, the lakes and reservoirs, the
wildlife (enjoyed seeing rabbits, fish and deer – didn’t appreciate our
run-in with the rattlesnake), the big blue sky and dramatic clouds and,
last but not least, the magnificent sunsets. And then there are all the
activities: white water rafting, (fly) fishing, swimming, boating,
hiking, playing with dogs, running along tree-shaded rivers and yes,
shooting a gun. If you want to see a video of me shooting a gun for the
first time in my life (and hitting three pine cones with four shots),
check out my latest vlog on the LuciWest YouTube channel.

Thank you, Scott, for showing me such a great time. Thank you also to Amanda (aka Esmeralda Strange) and GJ for being such great friends and for all that you’ve done while I was here.

a lot of this footage is a bit shaky – that’s because shooting a video
was not my priority while I was here. So just like in the early days of In A Berlin Minute aka In A Brooklyn Minute, I just grabbed shots along the way and totally from the hip.

The song is one of my favorites by Jason Matherne of Goonygoogoo Productions. I’ve already used it in two other videos: Road Trip – In A Berlin Minute (Week 58) and Infamous Gowanus (In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 98). Can’t wait for him to write some new instrumental pieces…

Sun setting over Horsetooth Reservoir in Northern Colorado
Sonnenuntergang über dem Horsetooth Reservoir in Nord-Colorado

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