These are a few pictures I took during the month (February) I spent in Germany – a week near Hamburg at my parents’ and three weeks in Berlin. The amount of snow and ice was a record breaker. Unfortunately, so were the temperatures.
The pictures are in chronological order but are only a small selection and by no means capture all the wonderful things I saw and all the great people I met. The more personal pictures I’ll upload to facebook when I get a chance to sort through those.
The white sky blends into the white ground at my parents’ house
Driving to Berlin as the sun begins to set behind the wind turbines
This picture started the spontaneous shoot which led to this video
The Spree River in all its ice-covered and yellow-skied industrial beauty
Three (3!) disco balls at Festsaal Kreuzberg for the Revolver Magazin Party
Mystery tree outside Judith’s apartment
The sun came out!
Swans on the Landwehrkanal
It’s not that cold? Um, that’s ice on the sidewalk, which apparently has been there for about six weeks by now. Just saying.
Outside my door. Not sure if they see each other or came there together or even showed up the same night.
Walking downstairs from our 5th floor seats at Berlinale Palast where Elke and I saw the Norwegian film “A Somewhat Gentle Man”. In case I don’t get to write about it at another time: I highly recommend it.
People coming (cement floor) and going (red carpet) at Berlinale Palast
Black Swan getting special treatment
Maren and Andi at his store: Fumanchuh
Back at my parents’ outside Hamburg – the snow is almost gone but the skies are gray again.
I’ll be back in spring when the sun is out and the first flowers are blooming. I can’t wait. 

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  1. I tried to comment on these earlier and was thwarted by the itouch technology. Amazing, lovely portraits of winter in Germany, though I hate the icy sidewalks as well.

  2. Jessica, thank you for overcoming the thwarting attempts by technology and writing such a lovely comment.

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