Yesterday I caught this Converse commercial on TV featuring a Gainesville band (Mightaswell). In one image, one song clip and some writing they do a great job capturing the feel of that music scene, that town, that life.

I have mixed feelings about promoting a commercial for a major corporation using the DIY spirit of a college town music scene (and Gainesville in particular) and DIY filmmaking conventions, while I am at the same time working on a film (All’s Well and Fair) about people from that very town and scene who make a point of living outside the commercial and mainstream world. Feels a bit hypocritical.

But then again I’m thrilled to see this Gainesville/DIY spirit captured and put out there for the world to see.

And I can’t deny Converse and Chucks in particular being a part of that whole scene. Even though I myself have to wear the $14 Target version.

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