This little Florida college town is very special to me.

It’s where I made my first films/videos (long live Dogma 93!), where I was and (continue to be) inspired by so many amazing creative people, where Scott and I met and worked on our first project together and most currently where “All Well And Fair” takes place.

Gainesville, with its memories of a liberating and creative past and with all the warm and welcoming people who still live there today, has become an oasis to me – a place I try to visit whenever I get the chance to re-energize and put my endeavors and my life back into perspective.

My feet in Gainesville (in Nick’s shop).

Having gone back last year to film the continuation/10-years-later of “All Well And Fair” has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my career so far. Of course being back yesterday/today was as fun and a “homecoming” as always – but it did made me wish I was further along with cutting “All Well And Fair” together. I don’t even have a trailer yet. So that’s the next goal: cut together trailer for AWF.

Besides catching up with friends and most of the AWF families, I was also very lucky and glad to run into Rob McGregor, who I had unfortunately lost touch with and who is one of the most talented musicians I came across in Florida. He had originally recorded the Dioxindolly song, which appears in “All Well and Fair”. It looks like he has the original DAT archived. YEAH! (It’ll make a world of difference compared to the VHS version I have).

Another rare meeting was with Jason Matherne, the creative mastermind behind GooneyGooGoo Productions, the infamous “shorts shorts series” and Due Process and many other video, visual and musical productions a collaborator of Scott’s from back in the day.

So all around great times in Gainesville and I can’t wait to be back in February.

Some of the usual suspects after the traditional brunch this afternoon (including Rachel and Margaret and some of their kids from “All Well and Fair”).

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