Apparently Berlin has several abandoned factories covered in grafitti that also allow beautiful views of the city- when you sneak inside…

The factory featured in my 21st weekly video from Berlin is the first one I have explored. It’s on Köpenicker Strasse, west of Kiki Blofeld (not to be mixed up with the Graffiti-covered ice factory on the east side).

Btw, right now I’m a bit frustrated with all this buzzing on diagonal lines in the videos. Not sure if a different codec or camera setting would help. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m shooting in AVCHD Lite on the Panasonic TZ10. And yes, I’d love to shoot on a Canon 5D – but unfortunately it doesn’t fit into my pocket or my budget.

Graffiti Factory before it became Kater Holzig (Berlin)

2 Replies to “Graffiti Factory – In A Berlin Minute (Week 21)”

  1. Hi Luci,

    I personally don't see much wrong with your video. It looks great to me.
    I did reply on Vimeo making a suggestion.

    btw I just purchased your d/loadable film.(2hrs42mins remaining 🙂 )

    Probably a silly question but have you seen:

    If you haven't I won't bother warning you it's pretty harrowing because you are obviously familiar with the subject matter.


    martin aka 33hirtz


  2. Hi Martin,

    thank you so much for your comment here and on Vimeo (and the tip).

    And thank you SO MUCH for ordering our documentary. You are right, it's not an easy subject to watch.

    Actually I wasn't familiar with Dutroux affair – I'll look further into it. Yes, it seems disturbing.

    Best wishes,

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