Graffiti Text – In A Berlin Minute (Week 145) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

In my humble opinion, Germans are word nerds, critical thinkers and like their puns and politics. Apparently some also really like to express themselves publicly. If you watch my videos regularly or follow my InstagramTwitterFacebook or Flickr feed, you probably know how much I love street art – in my hunt for fascinating art I’ve come across quite a few funny, poetic, poignant, political, critical, Berlin-loving and thought-provoking texts sprayed and stuck on the walls of Berlin. Here are some of my favorites (with English translations when necessary).

I’m curious to find out if you have seen any others. Please add your favorite graffiti texts (with location if possible) in the comments. I already know about the Berghain slogan “Don’t forget to go home”, which is awesome but I just didn’t have time to film before I left the country.

The song is “Thimsn” by Timothy Cool-Cat Sander. Connect with him via Facebook:

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My God… It’s full of stars…

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