Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn founded in 1838 is a historic landmark. It honors several famous or otherwise important people and served as Brooklyn’s public park before the creation of Prospect Park.

The cemetery is located somewhere between the neighborhoods Park Slope, Windsor Terrace and Sunset Park – yet in recent years (as I’ve heard the story) got its own neighborhood name by a clever real estate agent: Greenwood Heights.

It’s an incredible cemetery that is very worth the visit for anyone who enjoys such outings. Beautiful statues and trees, so many tombstones, mauseleums and statues telling stories and honoring the individuals and groups (e.g., from the American Revolution, in particular The Battle of Brooklyn). There are hills and lakes and views of Manhattan, Brooklyn and even New Jersey.

You can discover so many things: like the Altar to Liberty, which features a statue with a Roman helmet waving back at the Statue of Liberty in the distance. I took photos of that greeting that I will post on Flickr, because there was not enough room in the video.

I did find room to show the resting places for Jean-Michel Basquiat and Leondard Bernstein.

What was nearly impossible for me to capture were the Monk Parakeets that live high up in the main entrance.

The music featured is called “Sad Dreams”. It was written and performed by Andreas Mayer. For more of his diverse collection of music, please visit and

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