Birthday Girl

Congratulations to the most fabulous Katie Ainslie!

The filmmaker, photographer and friend, who seems to bring a smile to everyone she meets and who everybody always wants to work with because she’s so reliable, energetic and full of positive spirit, is turning 30 today.

KT, we’re lucky to know you!

Stickers provided by Jessica Gould (worn by Scott here)

And we had a blast hosting the birthday party in our yards this weekend, which is by fate so obnoxiously large that some of our “guilt” is alleviated when it’s filled with happy people. And with a full bar courtesy of KT, Jessica Gould & Jessica Grotfeldt, David Cox DJ’ing all night (and running a photo booth on the side) and all the wonderful people present everyone seemed very happy. Except maybe for some neighbors…

To many more!

Jessica Grotfeldt and Jessica Gould, the co-host extraordinaire
Over The Shoulder of Mixing Board with DJ David Cox behind a tie-wearing ghost

Side yard filling up – I spot Meghan Scibona’s hat
Bar and Backyard and Jerome almost not blurry at all

Jessica G. & Adele’s cakes before the lake was filled in with blue jell-o

The It Couple: Katie and David

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