Historic Kenwood Artist Enclave Studio Tour 2022, March 19 and 20, St Petersburg Florida, AEHK
This weekend (3/19 + 3/20), the Artist Enclave of Historic Kenwood invites the public into our art studios, homes and gardens throughout the neighborhood – to see artists at work and purchase original art.

The self-guided, free, public tour is basically a day of “open houses” at art studios throughout this special St. Petersburg, Florida, residential neighborhood that has officially been declared an Artist Enclave. The Artist Studio Tour takes place Saturday 3/19 and Sunday 3/20 at 18 different locations, including a B&B and an art gallery studio café.

Historic Kenwood Artist Enclave Studio Tour 2022, March 19 and 20, St Petersburg Florida, AEHK

I’m so honored and thrilled to be living in Historic Kenwood and be part of this outstanding event and group of artists and neighbors.

The creators range from emerging artists to internationally recognized professionals: ceramicists, sculptors, jewelers, photographers, mixed multi-media artists, fine art painters and performance artists.

Personally, I’ve been working on planning this annual event for the last few months together with a core of other artists. It’s been an exhilarating and challenging and inspiring experience – and I’ve learned a lot.

Last night, most of us artists got to do a quickie pre-tour of all the studios, for only 10 minutes each. The creative diversity and sense of community made my soul sing. As I rode by bike from studio to studio, stopping in-between to staple up a few more posters around down, I couldn’t beat back that feeling of being part of something awesome and outstanding. And there was that wonderful feeling of being in the right place, at the right time and truly connected to a community.

Doing a thing in Historic Kenwood. Photo courtesy of Alexis Baum.

It was the best time I’ve had since moving to St. Pete. And now I can’t wait to partake in the actual event all weekend. The only catch, of course, is that most artists will all be in our separate hubs, not being able to interact with each other. I’m lucky to have my friends Nick and Stephen in my outdoor studio as guest artists.

I HIGHLY recommend that if you’re within driving distance, come to Historic Kenwood this weekend and see “where art lives”.

You can start at my place, 2310 Burlington Avenue N, to see my work, and also art by Nick Ribera and listen to African djembe drumming by Stephen Gould and friends (Sat: 11am – noon, Sun: 3pm – 4pm). Of course, you’ll also get to hang out with me and Scott and our friends… but not WhiskeyDog because she’ll be somewhere more quiet for the 2 days.

bee on passion vine, pollen pants, outdoor metal print, backyard, Luci Westphal, AEHK artist enclave studio tour, 2022
Metal prints in my backyard outdoor studio.

Throughout my backyard I will have metal prints of my Taking The Outdoors Back Outdoors” featuring outdoor-ready metal prints of birds, insects, plants and landscapes – drawing special attention to what is around us and can often get overlooked.

Also I’ll have a few never-before-seen pieces from my new work-in-progress series “Surviving or Thriving?” – a series of photos printed on wood, showing wildlife and plants in an active context with urban and industrial backdrops.

I’ll have quite a few regular photo prints in mats (and also as greeting cards and postcards) available for purchase.

And if I can still get it together tonight, I hope to have a single super special, brand-new, moving still, still moving photo-video piece on display.

Also, I intend to have the entire Moving Postcard video series in one loop of 365 minutes playing on a monitor in the shade.

Last but not least, The Gables Bed & Breakfast is hosting a group exhibit, which includes some of my work.

Luci Westphal, bird photos, metal prints, The Gables Bed and Breakfast, Historic Kenwood, St. Petersburg
At The Gables B&B. Photo courtesy of Janna Kennedy.

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