A few photos I took on different occasions at the Holiday Twin Drive-In while shooting the video “Drive-In Movie Theater – In A Colorado Minute (Week 227)” for my weekly 1-minute web series Moving Postcard.

Holiday Twin Drive-In Movie Theater
Fort Collins, Colorado

Cars lining up at the Holiday Twin Drive-In
Fort Collins, Colorado

Drive-In movie screens awaiting the crowds at sunset

The backdrop of the Foothills and the big sky make the Holiday Twin Drive-In experience even more special

Pure Nostalgia: Holiday Twin Drive-In Shirt

Moon over the car line at the Drive-In entrance. You just don’t get that play of lights at your regular movie theater.

The exceptionally friendly at the entrance makes up for the “no alcohol” rule 😉

It’s almost time for the movie at the Holiday Twin Drive-In

Cars and more cars at the Drive-In Movie Theater

Lovely retro advertisement for concessions at the Holiday Twin Drive-In

I prefer Goobers, but I love the vintage advertisement for the Chilly Dilly pickle.
It’s all about the shared experience of drinks, snacks and films at the Drive-In – as it has been for many decades.

The Holiday Twin Drive-In as seen from down the street.

Someone snuck subliminal advertisement for local marijuana dispensary Flower Power Botanicals into my time-lapse video of the Holiday Drive-In in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The golden hour views of the sky behind the movie screen is maybe the main reason why watching a film outdoors will always be more special than sitting inside a movie theater or on your couch at home.
(This picture is from my Instagram stream)

You can read more about the drive-in movie theater experience and watch the video HERE.

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