A rather somber song for the New Year’s Eve Music Monday post: “You Know Where To Find Me” by English singer Imogen Heap.

While New Year’s Eve is mostly seen as a day of party (pressure) and senseless good times, it’s also Old Year’s Day – a time of reflection on the old and contemplation of the coming.

Although I try not to attach too much meaning to dates (it’s a dangerous habit in case something bad happens and you will be reminded of it year after year)… and especially in regards to a day like New Year’s Eve I often think: any random day can suddenly and without warning become the day of big change or transition… I still decided to set myself a kind of a goal or resolution for the coming year… or a continuation of what I’ve already been trying to do in past years: I want to be a good friend, a really good friend.

So if you need me, you know where to find me.

And to all who are good friends to me: Thank You!

Imogen Heap

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