TV Tower / Fernsehturm – In A Berlin Minute (Week 29) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

Usually I try to shoot fresh footage during the week leading up to the publishing date of the weekly video. Every week I actually mark how many weeks I’ve been in Berlin and something that I’ve done or seen.

This week however is dedicated to the one Berlin sight that is visible from all over the city: the TV Tower (German: Fernsehturm). It deserved a little longer range of collecting footage, which I’ve done ever since I got here.

The TV Tower was built during the 1960s in the former GDR (that’s East Germany) and is still the tallest building in Berlin with 368 meters (1,207 feet). The next tallest building (that actually has floors all the way through, not just an elevator to the top) is the Park Inn Hotel right next to it (across Alexanderplatz).

Supposedly the tower is nicknamed “Pope’s Revenge” because light reflecting off it creates a crucifix. But I’ve never heard anyone call it that nor have I noticed that reflection.

The music in this piece called “Fill The Spill” is again from my talented friend Jason Matherne. Thank you, Jason!

TV Tower – Fernsehturm – Berlin

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