Hipstamatic was declared one of the iPhone apps of the year 2010. It instantly adds effects to digital iPhone photos to make them look like they were taken with an old leaky camera with plastic lenses. In short: it’s awesome!!!

Because I’ve been so busy making videos every week (aside from those activities I like to call “work”) – I really haven’t had much time for my other extracurricular creative projects, like writing on my blog or posting photos.

For the longest time I’ve been meaning to write about how much I love the Hipstamatic application and share a few prints. To make that happen there really was only one choice: make a weekly “In A Berlin Minute” video featuring a few photos.

By now you can purchase (there have been some limited additions as well) 7 lenses, 9 films and 7 flashes/gels. So there are over 400 different looks you can create.

An overview of the majority of looks: Photojojo’s Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide.

It was really difficult to choose the small amount of photos that would fit into one minute without giving anyone seizures.  So in addition I posted the total of 55 pre-selects in a Picasa album: “Hipstamatic Video Selects”.

I chose Picasa since it links via google directly to my YouTube account – all under one name. But since there’s a connection between Hipstamatic + Flickr, I’ll post them there as well. But I don’t have time for that right now because I’ve got to run to see Nouvelle Vague play…

However I am curious: do you use Flickr or Picasa or just Facebook or twitpic or what? You print your photos on paper?

The song in the video is called “Sunburn” and was written and performed by my friend Jason Matherne

I’ve created a Flickr album where you can check out some of the other Hipstamatic photos that aren’t in the video.

Berliner Dom on Hipstamatic

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