I can’t deny it: I love Netflix.

Having become a member in the early days of DVD rentals it was a heaven-sent service when the selection at the local video store even in Brooklyn was still very slim. The large selection, convenience and lack of late fees still makes it my favorite utility bill.

Now they’ve added a whole other level to their service: “Watch Now” – i.e., you can instantly watch movies online in full-screen via a fast Internet connection with no extra cost (if you’re already a Netflix member).


Okay, there are catches:

  1. Of course it’s not the same quality as a DVD on your nice TV screen.
  2. They don’t have all movies viewable online.
  3. You have to use Internet Explorer.
  4. It only works on Windows XP or Vista.
  5. You are limited as to how many hours you can watch depending on your membership (e.g., I have a 3 DVDs-at-a-time monthly membership which allows me to watch 18 hours of movies online per month).

I have heard that Green Cine offers similar services – rumor has it that they’re more supportive of independent filmmakers. I’d be interested to learn more if anyone uses their services…

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