While we were in Sarasota, Noralil Ryan Fores interviewed us for a podcast on her excellent site ShortEnd Magazine: thoughts on independent film.

She asked some really great questions, not only about All God’s Children and our process, but also about other projects and our thoughts on documentaries and changes in that market in general.

We talk rather candidly about some of the obstacles and frustrations in making this film. It makes it sound a bit worse than the experience really was. At first I wasn’t sure if it’s such a good idea to talk about the struggles, because it may make us or our film look bad. But then I think that it’s important to be honest with other makers and the audience: it’s not all just fun or easy and we all go through difficult times with our projects. It’s probably one of the bigger frustrations when you think to everyone else it’s a piece of cake and you may be the only one struggling.

When talking about how “ill-prepared” we were or how difficult it was to conduct the interviews with the abuse survivors because of how emotional it would be for us, I missed to emphasize that a lot of the difficulty came from realizing that this was causing pain to the interviewees and that we were lacking the psychological training to know if we were handling this and their stories well.

To listen to the interview please click here: shortendmagazine.com/content/view/536/71
or find ShortEnd Magazine on iTunes.

In other Sarasota Film Festival coverage, ShortEnd Magazine also features conversations with filmmakers Kurt Kuenne, Madeleine Olnek and Bennie Safdie – all amazing filmmakers we were lucky to meet during the festival.

A big thanks to Noralil for having us on her show and asking such interesting questions (and editing enough to make us babble a bit less)!

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