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In 2009 Jason S. and Austin Lynch (the son of David Lynch) went on a road trip through the United States and interviewed regular people about their lives – creating 121 short videos that make up the Interview Project. In 2010 the David Lynch-produced web series won a Webby Award.

Interview Project (US)

Each video is just a simple, down-to earth “monologue” (you don’t hear the questions) by the person being interviewed and a few images of their surroundings. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a regular human being telling you about his or her life. No huge drama, vérité footage or a competition or law suit that a character may or may not win at the end.

These are the kinds of documentaries I love and I make. They’re not necessarily festival darlings – nor are they big on TV or in the movie theaters. But they’re so real and so human and they remind you of the beauty of life and diversity.
David Lynch in the introduction of the series:

“What I hope people will get out of Interview Project is a chance to meet these people. It’s something that’s human and you can’t stay away from it.”

Now the same team, together with German documentary filmmaker Judith Keil, has launched the same kind of project in Germany: Interview Project Germany. New episodes are released every Thursday.
Interview Project Germany
When the German series premiered a few weeks ago, I decided to refrain from writing about it until most episodes would be available. But by now I’m too excited to share it. I also realized it would only get more difficult to choose which episodes to embed. To make that real easy, I’m just going to share the two that are geographically the closest to where I’m from.
Betty Wulf in Holm, Schleswig-Holstein (I grew up in the next village)
Unfortunately the American episodes cannot be embedded. But the two I’d like to recommend (also based on proximity to my US homes) are Batso in Stratford, CT (near NYC) and Deacon Headly in Thomasville, GA (near Northern Florida).

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