The visualizers that come with computers’ music players have never much interested me after the initial “oh, cool, it changes based on the beat of the music” – kinda like Teddy Ruxpin moving his mouth along with a story tape (I’m still disappointed to have found out that he wouldn’t “sing along” with any music tape you’d feed him.)

But I just checked out the visualizer that comes with the new iTunes 8 and I’m totally hooked. It’s so beautiful and real and surreal and dances along with the music until it successfully sucks you in…

The quality of this low-resolution YouTube video doesn’t give it justice at all, but just in case you don’t have the new iTunes:

If you do have already have iTunes 8, I recommend hitting the command + F keys to experience the visualizer full screen.

Of course, the Genius Playlist is a very exciting idea that I had been waiting for impatiently. But I haven’t actually used it yet because I’m still a little hesitant about letting apple/iTunes store know everything I have in my library and constantly bombard me with ads for other music I should buy. That’s just too much like M.T. Anderson’s “Feed”

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  1. Nico and I have always been fans of the visualizer called ‘Jelly’ the others were all crap though. I’m downloading the new itunes now, can’t wait to see the new visualizer. – b

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