Had a wonderful day in Florida today.

Iva, the oldest of the “Five Sisters”, and her husband Earl Huffingham celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary today with hundreds of their friends and family – including all of the sisters.

Of course, I was there with my camera and filmed for the entire afternoon. It was a wonderful celebration at their granddaughter Becca’s house with many generations of Nesmith offspring.

Celebrating the love of these two great people lasting for 65 years, seeing all the sisters with their families and witnessing the warmth between life-long friends was a moving experience. I can imagine the footage from this event to provide a joyful denouement for the documentary. We’ll see…

In the evening Scott and I had the chance to spend a little more time with some of the sisters and their spouses, which was very special – especially because I was camera free and could just relax.

I will upload a picture or two from the party when I’m back in New York.

Today was also the birthday of Thelma, the second oldest sister, and of Henry, the middle sister’s (Carolyn’s) husband who passed away two years ago. The youngest sister’s (Beth’s) husband, Bill, had his birthday yesterday and Beth and Bill have their 50th anniversary coming up this week. Carolyn, not to be outdone turned 80 in July.

To all of them I send out a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!

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