Scott and I are in Florida for the weekend; for me to do some filming for the “Five Sisters” documentary and for us to visit with Scott’s family.

This trip is a good reminder that after all it is actually hotter and much more humid than in New York City (which we easily forget during those dog days like this past week).

Tonight we celebrated Ellie’s (Scott’s mother) 60th birthday at a great restaurant “just a short pelcian glide south of St. Augustine”: Salt Water Cowboys. Casual dining at its best, with interesting variations and well executed classics of seafood and swamp food dishes (you’ve got to try it to believe it), an atmospheric interior with hanging plants, aligator skins and Daddy’s Stick Furniture and a magnificent view of the sunset over the marsh land and intercoastal. I also highly recommend their Salt Water Cowboy cocktail, especially if you swap the Morgan’s for some coconut rum. Yum.

Definitely check it out if you find yourself hungry in St. Augustine. (Be warned of longer waits on the long porch.)

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