That’s right you can finally subscribe to the iW: VIDEO through iTunes.

You can either just download the episode you’d like to watch or subscribe to the podcast and get each current episode automatically. If you own a Video iPod you probably know that you can have the latest episodes automatically appear on your iPod the next time you sync it.

But you don’t need an iPod or a Mac to use iTunes. You do have to download iTunes if you don’t have it here. It’s free.

Oh, and the episodes are free as well, of course. The only bad news: they don’t look as good as the web version. It’s all a learning process…

  • Open iTunes
  • Click on podcasts
  • If it doesn’t come up automatically, click on the Podcast Directory link at the bottom right
  • As of right now iW: VIDEO shows up on the front page – otherwise type “indieWIRE” in the search box

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