The second episode of indieWIRE’s daily online show from Park City (and produced by our very own Scott Solary) went up this morning. And does it look good! You don’t want to miss it.

Programming Director John Cooper explains what Sundance is REALLY all about and why he loves his job –

– Documentary director Cynthia Wade introduces her social issues women centered documentary “Freeheld” –

– Last but not least Anthony Kaufmann’s daily 60-second film review.

Every day you can just visit one of the following sites to find the daily episode: or
But you can always come here.

(I encourage you to subscribe to this blog – you’ll automatically get notified through your viewer when I post the latest link.)

Please watch the show and leave a comment on any of the sites, including this one. And if you really love it, you can even get the code from the Fox Searchlight site and post the video on your own site. Technology, I’m telling ya!

Clearly, we’re very excited about today’s episode. We hope you like it, too, and thank you for your interest!

Addition (1/22): Now that I figured out I can embed the videos on this blog without throwing off the count of hits, I thought I should.

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