Today’s episode is mostly about Slamdance. What a bunch of fun people those guys & gals are over there!

Find out about Slamdance from Co-Founders Dan Mirvish and Peter Baxter and from several attendees and staff. Who knew that Slamdance & Sundance have led to bridging romance…

The movie review takes you back to the Sundance Dramatic Competition: Weapons by Adam Bhala Lough.

As icing on top you’ve got the latest iPop pictures from the cool and the beautiful (or intoxicated?) at the recent parties.

Alternate sites: Episode 3 on Fox Searchlight and Episode 3 on indieWIRE

There also is an indieWIRE network on YouTube. But so far only the last two episode of “iW: VIDEO On The Scene – Park City ’07” have been posted. However, you can watch earlier videos which Good Hard Working People had nothing to do with. The quality of YouTube videos is never very high, but they’re easy to share and subscribe to: indieWIRE Network

Thank you again for your interest and please keep watching iW: VIDEO on The Scene

Last but not least our special thank you today goes out to David Sutera who has been helping Scott put these episodes together: THANK YOU!

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