Today there’ll be two Music Monday posts, because while I was putting together this one, news broke that the video was released that I’ll post in the next one. Just can’t resist…

Jenny Owen Youngs
(Photo by Deborah Lopez)

A few months ago I already shared a song (“Love For Long”) from New Jersey singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs’ current album An Unwavering Band of Light.  Recently I discovered the back-story of another favorite from that album: “Sleep Machine”. It’s inspired by Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, as you can read in Jenny Owen Young’s own words on her tumblr.

Fan-made video for “Sleep Machine”

I’m dedicating this song to my friend Elke and Das Rote Sofa. And why stop there? The following is one of our current favorites, which also happens to be by Jenny Owen Young and also has a super simple video made by a fan (with the full lyrics)… and an official version that gets bleeped (therefore only half as fun).

“Fuck Was I” (Fan Version)

“F**ck Was I” (Official version)


And for those of you, who are not in Germany (GEMA!!!) or are using a proxy, you can also enjoy a bit more upbeat and sexy cover song that’s been quite popular at all my dance parties: “Hot In Herre”

Go ahead, take off all your clothes… 

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