A while back I already posted a short write-up about my friend Anne Hanson’s blog: Knitspot. Anne not only designs and creates the most beautiful feather-light seeming knitted items, she also writes this very personal and entertaining blog about her knitting, her gardening and the people she meets along the way – with lots of photos rounding out her very popular website.
What’s new now is that her husband David Whitfield is producing short videos about Anne’s fabulous creations. When I met Anne and David we all worked in graphic design (in a former life or parallel universe or something) – so it’s not surprising that David has a great eye for composition. Apparently he also has a good sense for editing and music. And of course, Anne makes a great model.
Here is the latest video, called “Pea Vines Designed by Anne Hanson“.
You can watch all the videos on the YouTube Knitspot channel.

Oh, and yes, you can purchase the design patterns – so that you can recreate any of the clothes and accessories.

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