Lands End Baja California is the most southern tip of the Peninsula Baja
California, Mexico, that separates the Sea of Cortez (aka The Gulf of
California) from the Pacific Ocean.

Lands End Baja California (Mexico) – In Another Minute (310)

Lands End Baja California is a stretch of granite rocks, also called
The Friars, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The most famous rock formation is
El Arco or The Arch of Cabo San Lucas.
The most southern part of Lands End Baja California is a smaller rock
jutting out of the sea that is often, as in this video, graced by a sea

Another attraction of Lands End are the two beaches that can
only be reached by boat, mainly glass-bottom water taxis.  Lovers’
Beach is where the water taxi will drop you off and pick you back up.
It’s also where you can swim and snorkel and look back at Cabo San Lucas
and the cruise ships and yachts. Divorce Beach is much larger and has
one wicked undertow and crashing waves coming from the Pacific Ocean.

End used to be frequented by pirates like Sir Frances Drake and Thomas
Cavendish. There are even still some pirate caves in the rocks that sit
directly in the water. It seemed that every rock formation and cave had a
name and a fun story that I heard from the water taxi driver that gave
us a tour around the tip before dropping us off on the beach. I think
it’s better to hear them in person told by a local than reading them
from me. So I hope you get to go one day (if you haven’t been already).

if you go spend a few hours on Lovers’ Beach and Divorce beach, beware
that there is hardly any shade except right at the rocks and only if the
sun is at an angle. Of course, as everywhere in Cabo, there are people
selling drinks. But I’d advise to bring your own water (and beer), a hat
and lots of sun screen.

The song featured in this video is “Beachfront Celebration” by Kevin MacLeod ( It is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. Thank you, Kevin, for your big variety of free music!

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I’d like to leave you with a quote from “The Log from the Sea of Cortez” by John Steinbeck (which I found on a post by
“The tip of the Cape at San Lucas, with the huge gray Friars standing
up on the end, has behind the rocks a little beach which is a small
boy’s dream of pirates. It seems the perfect place to hide and from
which to dart out in a pinnacle on the shipping of the world; a place to
which to bring the gold bars and jewels and beautiful ladies, all of
which are invariably carried by the shipping of the world. And this
little beach must have so appealed to earlier men, for the names of the
pirates are still in the rock, and the pirate ships did dart out of here
and did come back.”

California Sea Lion at the southern tip of Lands End, Cabo

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