The moment has come… I finally re-uploaded the last of the missing Moving Postcard episodes to YouTube again.

As of this week, all 250 1-minute videos (plus a few bonus 1-minute videos) are back on the Moving Postcard YouTube channel. By the way, they had all been on the series’ website and Vimeo all along, since Vimeo didn’t just delete all of them one day as YouTube had.

There are a few longer videos (extended versions) that I still need to re-upload to my LuciWest YouTube channel… One of these winter days…

The last eight that I re-uploaded to YouTube this week are all from Berlin:

1989 Peaceful Revolution Churches – Kirchen der Friedlichen Revolution – In A Berlin Minute (Week 126)

U1 U-Bahn Subway – In A Berlin Minute (Week 127)

My favorite Berlin park: Südgelände – In A Berlin Minute (Week 128)

Schloss Charlottenburg Palace (Outside) – In A Berlin Minute (Week 129)

Schloss Charlottenburg Palace (Inside) – In A Berlin Minute (Week 130)

Clouds / Wolken – In Memory of Franc Tausch – In A Berlin Minute (Week 131)

 Insel der Jugend (Island of Youth) – In A Berlin Minute (Week 132)

Strasse des 17. Juni – In A Berlin Minute (Week 133)

Birch Trees on Train Tracks
Natur-Park Südgelände, Berlin

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