Marijuana Strains (Selection from Flower Power Botanicals) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 257)

A few weeks ago, I was asked to take pictures of the large variety of marijuana strains grown at Flower Power Botanicals in Fort Collins, Colorado.

course, I was excited to take the challenge and try to capture the
beauty, variety and intricacies of these plants. A selection of the
photographs will be displayed soon in the two lobbies (medical and
retail) of the marijuana dispensary. Since by now, I’ve already
accumulated quite a selection of marijuana photographs, I thought I
could share some of them in one of my weekly videos. In the coming
weeks, I’ll still take many more photographs since there are still many
more strains to capture…

If you want to see the photographs on a wall or purchase products made from these weed strains, go visit:

Flower Power Botanicals
1308 Duff Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 672-8165

photographs in a grow room presented an interesting challenge. The grow
lights have such an intense color temperature that getting a correct
white balance was nearly impossible. It probably explains why so many
people take photographs of the plants with a flash (as I did of the
Tangerine strain) instead of the grow lights. Alternatively, I could
have brought in my own lights and relight the room. But that sounded
like a less fun challenge.

List of strains seen in this video (all grown by Pascal and Amanda, who are crushing it):
Bahia Blackhead
Blue Dream
Bubba 76
Cat Piss Romulan
Confidential Cheese
Critical Plus
Durban Poison
East Coast Sour Diesel
Girl Scout Cookies
Jackie White
OG Ringo
Purple Diesel
Silver Kush
Special Queen

reason why this week’s video is so late is that Peter, the owner of
Flower Power Botanicals and long-time friend, got married this week, and
Scott and I were pretty heavily involved in this week’s festivities.
Congratulations again, Peter and Deanna!

The featured song is the instrumental version of “Big Disco Ball” by Josh Woodward ( This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US License. Thank you, Josh!

Purple Diesel at Flower Power Botanicals

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