Mauerpark – In A Berlin Minute (Week 276)

The Mauerpark
(Wall Park) in Berlin, Germany, is the place to be on a Sunday – if you
like people watching, flea market shopping, outdoor drinking, street
musicians, street art, karaoke and hanging out with your friends. Well, I

So when Scott and I were in Berlin during week 275, we met a
few of our local friends in the park – even those who have no love for
Sundays at Mauerpark. A big thanks to everyone who came out to hang with
us that day and night and during our brief fly-by Berlin visit. I love
you all so much!

For those of you who follow other expat travel blogs from Berlin, you might recognize Nicole of and Cheryl of If you don’t know them yet, go check out their awesome travel reports and photographs!

is located (just steps from my apartment) in the Prenzlauer Berg
district. Its name derives from the fact that it used to be part of the
Berlin Wall death zone (then on the border or East Berlin’s Prenzlauer
Berg and West Berlin’s Wedding). Today it has two bars that serve food
and drinks (Mauersegler and Schoenwetter), an outdoor amphitheater that
hosts the Bearpit Karaoke and semi-permanent stalls that house the
Mauerpark Flohmarkt – both only on Sundays.

If you would like to see another Mauerpark video, please watch the one I did about the flea market in 2010: Mauerpark Flea Market – In A Berlin Minute (Week 17)

And for another video from Prenzlauer Berg: Prenzlauer Berg – In A Berlin Minute (Week 162)

The music in this video is the instrumental version of the song “Are You Having Fun?” by the talented, productive and generous Josh Woodward. This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US License.

Sunday Bearpit Karaoke at Mauerpark in Berlin

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