This week, film music composer and friend Cassis B Staudt came to Colorado for a super quick fly-by visit.

Cassis B Staudt (Film Music Composer) – In A Minute Portrait (Week 315)

Cassis B
studied music and music theater at the Hamburg State University and
orchestration and film scoring at Juilliard in New York City. She
composes and plays music both on stage and for films. There are many
highlights in her career. My subjective choices: the music for the
Oscar-nominated documentary Ferry Tales, winning a Golden Palm for producing Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes, and playing with Michael Gira of Swans.

is an incredibly hard-working, talented, fun, generous and open person.
I can only hope that a glimpse of that comes through in this video. To
get a real sense of her talent, please check out here website to find
samples of her music:

Cassis and I met through our mutual friend Ann Rose
during a time when we were both bouncing back and forth between
Brooklyn and Berlin. We’re both originally from Germany, spent most of
our adult years in NYC and married American men. Great match-making,

During her stay in Colorado, we had just about enough time to
catch up and squeeze in an interview for this series before she was off
to meet other creators. Her visit left me feeling so inspired,
invigorated and encouraged. It reminded me how lucky I am to be part of a
global creative community. Thank you, Cassis!

The music in this
video was, of course, composed by Cassis B Staudt herself. It’s part of a
symphony recently performed in Berlin by the 60-piece orchestra
Otto-Sinfoniker to accompany three experimental films. More
specifically, it’s an excerpt from Water Thief, which is the 2nd
movement for the film Clepsydra by Phil Solomon.

Additional photographs in this video were taken by Gudrun Arndt ( and Johnna Davis. Thank you for letting me use them.

Film music composer Cassis B Staudt

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