Darla Elsbernd is an architect, an urban adventurer and a traveler. She’s also one of my best friends.

Meet Darla Elsbernd (Architect) – In A Minute Portrait (Week 332)

Darla Elsbernd works at the prestigious New York City firm Ennea Architects,
which specializes in work for cultural, educational, governmental and
scientific not-for-profit institutions. She continues to impress me with
the big and well-known projects she gets to work on.

As you will
hear in the video, Darla grew up in Iowa and now lives in Brooklyn. We
met at an independent filmmaker event in New York over ten years ago and
became fast friends. Darla is incredibly kind, thoughtful, supportive,
generous, spontaneous and loads of fun! I don’t think I know anyone who
more actively participates in cultural events and city life.

my biggest inspiration in getting out of the house and experiencing the
world. If she’s not at work, she seems to always be at an independent
film screening, an exhibit, a concert, singing karaoke or playing in a
skee ball league. She’s a true adventurer by always going out there and
trying something new. And if your band is playing, your movie is showing
or you’re having some other event, she will definitely be there to
support you. Nobody makes me miss New York City as much as Darla does.
Fortunately, she’s eased my longing by coming to visit me frequently
since I moved to Colorado.

Darla also inspires me through all her
travels around the world. When I went on my first big trip in forever,
we overlapped in Thailand for just a day, before she and her family were
off to Vietnam. It was fantastic to tag along on their packed itinerary
for a day and see the ease with which she dove into unexplored

The photos of Iowa farm and farm land were taken by Darla; the pictures from RAGBRAI (the Iowa bike tour) were taken by Susie Wilson; I took the one of Darla in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

you, Darla, for letting me make this video of you… and for always
being such an amazing friend to me. It’s comforting to know that I can
always count on you!

Darla Elsbernd

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