Miriam Blaich is a passionate quilter and fashion designer with her own fashion label no mimikri and a store of the same name at Pfluegerstrasse 5 in Berlin, Germany.

Miriam Blaich (Quilter, Fashion Designer) – In A Minute Portrait (Week 302)

Miriam Blaich’s clothing and accessory line, no mimikri, offers colorful and comfortable handmade fashion for active and authentic women. As the name suggests, her fashion designs aim to encourage women to be themselves.

To the world of quilting, Miriam Blaich is known as BerlinQuilter, which is also the name of her quilting blog and her Instagram account.

and I met in Berlin through a mutual film editor friend quite some
years ago. We bonded over having both worked in the film industry for
many years. I was always very impressed and inspired by her creativity,
focus, dedication and ambition.

At first, I was surprised when I
found out about her passion for quilting. Incorrectly, I had assumed
that only Americans were sewing quilts, especially after I was given
handmade blankets only by American friends and family. Through Miriam, I
now know how popular quilting is around the world – and how meaningful
it can be.

Recently, Miriam visited me during her 6-week road trip
of the Western USA. Again, very inspiring! We got go on shorter road
trips together, where I shot the “Royal Gorge Bridge – In A Colorado Minute (Week 300)
video and a few upcoming episodes. We also took the opportunity to
record this interview, during which I learned about the awesome idea of
the travel quilt, for which she is collecting material along this trip.
Cool, right?

Additional photos in this video courtesy of Miriam Blaich and Melanie Fronicke.

Fashion designer and Berlin quilter Miriam Blaich

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